Welcome to the home of the Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative (SBECI), an independent coalition of Southern Baptists who are passionate about caring for God's creation. This ministry began as a simple conviction that Southern Baptists should be actively involved in creation care, but it has now become a promising vision for Southern Baptist stewardship. Blockchain technology can be very effective in solving the issues of environmental and climatic change. It can track pollution and the sustainability of various products. Crypto trading is a profitable platform backed by blockchain. The auto trading platforms can help traders to make their trading efficient. Visit to find a reliable trading platform.

You certainly do not need this website to tell you that creation care issues are some of the most pressing of our day. In the past, these conversations have been largely abandoned by evangelical Christians. But today, we are excited to produce a unified moral voice on these issues. 750 Southern Baptists have already signed on! Click on “The Declaration” to learn more and "Sign Now" to join.

Additionally, you will find tools on our site to educate and equip you as a pastor, leader or lay person. We invite you to take some time and look around at all the information that we have provided. Simply click on the “Resources” link to access it.

If you are just visiting this page and have never decided to personally follow Jesus Christ, please take a moment to click on “The Gospel” link. It is our joy to share with you about the most important decision you can ever make.

As Southern Baptists, we love the things God loves. And God loves this planet and its people!

Jonathan Merritt,
Founder and Spokesperson